Víctor G. Hidalgo

Individual project at Ironhack, W4–5

Role 🧑🏼‍💻

Product Designer — UX/UI Designer

Duration ⏱

2 Weeks

Overview 🖼

During the fourth and fifth week of the Bootcamp at Ironhack, the students had to do an individual project. The project was to be about healthy habits or finances.
I chose finance, as I didn’t know anything about cryptocurrencies and wanted to investigate the…

IronHack Challenge 2 — Wireframing

A good practice for any designer can be to observe and try to emulate designs that they consider interesting to become familiar with a similar development to the one that was had in order, in this way, to learn in the process and implement concepts that they have assimilated thanks…

IronHack Challenge 1 — Design Thinking for Citymapper

Imagine that you are traveling abroad and you want to use public transport to get around but you do not know the different routes to reach your destination in an optimal and economical way.
Many people have had this problem when they travel to a totally unknown country or city and…

Víctor G. Hidalgo

UX/UI Designer and Philosopher www.victorghidalgo.com

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